My daughter has been dancing with Roynon Dance Swanmore for the last seven years and we have seen the school go from strength to strength under Miss Sarah’s unwavering, calm and capable command! The teachers are second to none and as a result, dance has become a central part of my daughter’s life, as her love for dance grows and grows. What a beautiful ability to instil in my daughter – thank you very much Roynon Dance Swanmore.

Mrs. Newbold, parent of dance pupil

I started taking ballet classes with Roynon Dance Swanmore when I was 4 years old. Their classes and the support given to me by my teachers at RDS undoubtedly led me to get into one of the top schools for contemporary dance in the country. I was always able to go to Miss Sarah for advice with my dancing and she would point me in the direction of the latest local and national opportunities available to me. My teachers were all incredible and inspiring.

As well as a springboard into the contemporary dance world, Roynon Dance Swanmore also became a second family to me. My peers and my teachers became a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of revision throughout my GCSE’s and A Levels. I would never have been able to complete these were it not for the breaks where I could dance amongst my friends. 

Katie Serridge, ex-Dance pupil (student of Trinity Laban)
Roynon Dance Swanmore is great! It provides all the support you need. It is a complete break from everything else that might be going on (school, other clubs), where you can learn in a fun way along with learning new styles of dance. All the teachers are lovely. I have come so far with Roynon and I love it.
Grace Newbold, dance pupil
At Roynon Dance Swanmore, every child is made to feel special regardless of age or ability, and the teachers are dedicated to helping the children achieve their best. The school is very well run, and having the opportunity to be part of a whole school show every two years is an amazing experience.
Grace Newbold, dance pupil