Roynon now offer a range of music sessions, including 1-1 sessions, small workshops, curriculum based lessons in local schools and, of course, whole class sessions within the rest of the Roynon timetable. 

RDS currently teach:
– guitar
– bass
– percussion
– samba (Swanmore Samba Band)
– vocals 

Tailored sessions can also be held for:
– composing and arranging (for a range of styles including rock, pop, hip-hop, metal etc)
– performance coaching 
– recording techniques 
– use of free technology (iPads and APPs, which can tie into curriculum learning for primary, secondary and beyond)

Clients include local schools, organisations such as The Saints Foundation and various individuals of all ages and abilities in the local area. 



Swanmore Samba Band are a newly formed drum group who are beginning to gig in summer 2019. Samba workshops are run every Tuesday during term time at 6:15-7pm by Gary Munday, a local music teacher with a range of experience in percussion and samba skills. All ages 11+ and all abilities are very welcome to come have a go and learn drumming skills, all the while stimulating the brain in a really cool and complete way. The band is made up of beginners and there’s always room for more to join our fun, exciting and educational evenings workshops and be a part of the band! Find @swanmoresambaband on social media for enquiries (workshops, gigs, events) and book your free trial…  


Get in touch via [email protected] to find out more.